Tree Planting Agreement

1. Assist producers in designing a tree plan according to Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) guidelines and specifications.
2. Require 50% down payment of the estimated cost of the tree planting (unless assignment has been set place), for guarantee of your specific trees and/or planting
3. NOT plant trees in sites with any chemical carry over.
4. Provide trees, planting crew, and tree planter
5. Certify site after planting and give appropriate information to NRCS and Farm Service Agency (FSA) for contract and cost share processing.
6. Provide additional services such as fabric application
7. Cancel tree planting if: a) 50% down payment is not received, b) tree planting and fabric agreement are not in our office.
8. Retain 50% down payment if: a) Tree planting is cancelled or changed after April 1st, b) site preparation is inadequate for proper planting and will be cancelled.
9. Not GUARANTEE tree survival due to site preparation, planting conditions, chemical carryover, wildlife depredation, weather conditions or maintenance.
1. Give permission to Conservation District to do work for tree planting until completed. (Measuring, planting,etc.)
2. Keep livestock out of tree site areas (fence if necessary).
3. Keep tree plot free of weeds by cultivation, hand hoeing, mowing, chemical control, and/or fabric until trees canopy 3-5 years or may request assistance from District. Dead or missing trees must be replaced for a minimum of 2 years after planting at owner expense.
4. Make all payments (down payment and final payment) for trees to Roberts Conservation District. All cost-share payments will go directly to the producer. (Unless an assignment has been set.)
5. Send a) 50% down payment (Unless an assignment has been set in place) b) Sign Tree Planting Agreement.
If any one of these is not received, the tree plan may be terminated.
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Contact Information
Roberts Conservation District
USDA Service Center: Mon – Fri 8am-4:30 pm
2018 SD Hwy 10
Sisseton SD 57262