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Mike & Kenny Currence, winners of the 2017 Soil Conservation Award

Mike and Kenny Currence have been farming together since the 1960’s and are third-generation farmers.  They have been making land improvements by their homes south of Sisseton, as well as with their brother Jeff who lives on the “home place” that had been their grandfather’s. Mike has also been making improvements to enhance his pastures.

They first put in a grass waterway about 40 years ago, picked rocks, buried rock piles, widened out a stream, and with advice from the conservation office, put in a floodplain by I-29 into CRP. In their crop rotation, they start with wheat, usually proceed to soybeans the following year, and then to corn.

The Currence brothers spray with Roundup and LV6 to prevent noxious weeds after spring wheat is harvested. They prefer to use a ground rig for this task and do touch-ups with an ATV if necessary. One week to ten days after the spraying, they plant their cover crop. They are careful when choosing the correct grasses to plant according to the soil type. Kenny and Mike help every field strive for its maximum productivity.

Mike rotates his pastures for soil health and to help wildlife. Mike puts cattle in the pastures early in the season and sends them to feedlots in early August which promotes grass growth for next season. Mike has built rock crossings to prevent soil erosion in his home pastures and installed underground lines in his hills pastures to connect rural water to the cattle’s water stations. Rural water has no algae or other contaminants, thus it is healthier for the livestock.

Kenny and Mike are grateful to the RCD for all their help and advice. They encourage others to use RCD’s services. RCD is proud to have producers like Mike and Kenny who are good stewards of the land and are protecting it for future generations. Mike said, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the land for ourselves and future generations.”

Mike & Kenny Currence receiving the award from RCD Board members: Tim Gleason, Vice Chairman, Duane Schneider, Supervisor, Calvin Thompson, Chairman, Bob Osborne, Asst. Advisor, Lee Solberg, Supervisor. Missing: Cody Hanson, Treasurer & Ben Hanson, Advisor

State residents or groups may nominate any South Dakota farming or ranching operation for the award by submitting a nomination form to the producer’s local Conservation District.

Producers utilizing grassed waterways, terraces, crop rotations, sufficient crop residue to protect soil stability, no-till, grasslands managed for sustainable productivity, livestock management to limit soil and nutrient runoff or forest lands managed according to a forest stewardship plan to conserve soil are eligible for the award.

Nominations must be received by the Conservation District no later than January 1st of each calendar year.

Email jodi.hook@sd.nacdnet.net or call 698-3923 with your requests



Wildflower Project at the Nicollet Tower

Wildflowers at Nicollet Tower

In 2010, a wildflower mixture was planted at the Nicollet Tower, a breathtaking scenic area located just west of Sisseton on Highway 10. Today, we see the beautiful result of what native wildflowers can do to enrich our prairie’s landscape.

USDA’s Blog site states “South Dakota is in the middle of the Great Plains, a vast prairie ecosystem stretching across much of North America that two hundred years ago was covered in native grasses and wildflowers.”  To read more about this project, click here.

Looking for a beautiful wildflower mix to plant? Click here!

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